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Jeep® ActionCamper© JKU expedition ready pop-up camper
The Jeep® ActionCamper© has been developed for overlanding and expeditions with two passengers. The interior is incredibly spacious and fitted with all of the amenities to have a comfortable and unforgettable expedition experience to remote areas. The pop-up roof offers in the kitchen area a clearance of 203cm (6'8"). All Dometic S4 windows come with bug screens and blinds. The honeycomb insulated roof allows to install four 100W solar panels (400W total). The roof tent has three vinyl windows; the side windows open and offer bug screens; all three come with detachable privacy covers. The mattresses, seats, backrests, pillows and part of the walls are covered with stylish colored, cleanable Alcantara.
$ 36,000.00
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Jeep® JK Wrangler M715© front clip kit - by Thaler Design
The JK Wrangler M715© front clip kit consists of: hood with one center and two side grill inserts; two fenders with one grill insert per side; front facia with one main and two bottom grill inserts, the original turn signal and head lights can be re-used; two front and two rear high fender flairs, 2" higher and 1" wider to mount 40" tires, the front ones utilize recessments to mount ½" LED signal lights; front inner fenders mount inboard to the frame and hold the fenders and fender flairs; included are also head light relocation brackets, all installation hardware and detailed instructions.

The Kaiser Jeep M715 inspired to this retro style design.
$ 6,500.00
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Jeep® JK Unlimited ActionTruck© truck kit - by Thaler Design
The JK Unlimited ActionTruck© truck kit consists of: two half doors with integrated service doors to access the storage space there and under the bed; a truck bed covering all sides; a one piece front hardtop; a rear hardtop with an factory style lifting rear window to deliver long things on the passenger side or just get fresh air; a complete roll bar conversion kit and external "Sport" bars, all powder coated.

All parts are strictly bolt on. Just precision cutting and drilling necessary!
$ 6,000.00
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Jeep® ActionTruck© JK Unlimited swing-out tire carrier
The JK Unlimited swing-out tire carrier lets your Jeep look like a pro race truck! It can carry a 35" tire. The polished, aluminum covers on the sides of the tire, can be trimmed to mount a 37" or 40" tire. The carrier has two mounting heights for different wheel offsets. With the carrier taken off, MX motorcycles can be tied down to the various, welded on loops. This tire carrier system greatly improves the aerodynamics, the departure angle and the functionality.

All parts are strictly bolt on. Just precision work and drilling necessary!
This product is not recommended for ActionCamper users!
$ 1,200.00
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Industrial Design - Product development - 3D design - Production transition
Industrial design can be the unmistakable face of your company, which is mediated by your company policy or corporate philosophy to your customers. This will lead to a tailor-made design concept - from the first sketch, to the product that reflects the appearance of your company. Your product is the essence of your company. Good design ensures a competitive edge for your business. Our technical knowledge always leads to functional designed products.

Our company, founded 1980, offers design, graphic and photo services.
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